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About this website

The primary aim of this website is to act in support of a book titled On the Nature of Being: A personal exploration into the origins of consciousness. The book explores a variant of the dual-aspect theory to arrive at a possible explanation for the roots of the conscious experience as a natural aspect of the real world.

The dual-aspect theory, though not at the forefront of public awareness, has, in various forms, occupied philosophers through history and continues to be a subject of investigation. It argues that mind (mental states) and body (physical states) are aspects of the same fabric of existence. On the Nature of Being takes this argument a step further by showing a way to make a primitive of consciousness, namely a subjective experience, appear as a form of existence that is indistinguishable from the existence of things we take for granted.

By way of support, this site provides a brief outline of the central argument and also a list of short articles addressing various points of the argument that might benefit from further discussion. As a stand-alone source, this site should provide enough information for an insight into the variant of the dual-aspect theory on offer. The page of short articles will be extended as the need arises, and a correspondence page will also be updated to answer readers questions and other feedback.

The book itself is currently available through Amazon books in both electronic and printed form. As the author, one might expect book sales to be a driving force, and that would be an undeniable bonus, but it cannot be my first concern. The important thing is to get the ideas, or at least the core idea of the dual-aspect theory, instilled in the mindset of the public audience. Additionally, as I have come to realise, some sections of the book contain parts that are difficult to follow without already being versed in the subject, hence this site is also intended to help in that respect.

I feel I should add a note concerning my fears with regard to this project. I have not formally studied philosophy, though I have studied mathematics and aspects of artificial intelligence. In light of this, what I have to say must be weighed appropriately against other ideas on the same subject. That said, however, after years of writing, trawling the web for information and criticism from well-qualified friends and associates, I have yet to find anything to stand as an outright falsification of the ideas being put forward. In fact the situation is better than that, with other qualified individuals also addressing the mind-body problem and appearing to follow a similar line of thought to my own. It is therefore, with some trepidation, that I present this website; I hope at the very least you find it interesting.

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